MAGMA3C providig a fully virtualized computing environment complete with servers and storage that is application aware. We can quickly set up powerful, secure, always available private and hybrid clouds with incredible ease of management and tremendous flexibility. No matter how your organization’s needs grow, how demanding its internal users, the compliances and policy frameworks needed for security MAGMA3C’s cloud will help your organization thrive in the cloud.

MAGMA3C understands that smart information technology infrastructure investments have a direct impact on the return of investment for critical application projects. More organizational complexity and growth result in more data, meaning more demands on hardware. It is critical for organizations demanding the best returns on their technology investments to have future proof hardware that not only markedly lowers total cost of ownership but also significantly lowers operational costs.

Using specific use cases and enabling complex business empowering features like self service and charge back MAGMA3C recommends a cloud roadmap that directly enables your company’s business objectives.