CLOUD Computing

It is a difficult task for a customer to choose the right solution within the constraints of limited resources. They answer to questions like: How does Integration impact the overall IT & cloud implementation? Which solutions can meet the needs? MAGMA3C is into building Private clouds for the past few years. MAGMA3C has its own cloud which enables our customers to have a hybrid cloud i.e. Combination of Private & Public Cloud.

We provide the customer Customized Cloud building for the efficiency in their business. MAGMA3C is now offering the services of migration and consultation to help our customers to implement the SaaS platforms like AWS, Office 365. In addition to this we are also offering IaaS Services to our customers. For every company the cloud has a different meaning. Some companies opt for few options of Cloud which seems to be relevant for them while others totally migrate themselves on cloud to perform all the operations.
MAGMA3C helps you to discover what cloud can do for your business and to help you on your journey to success more efficiently and effectively.