About Company

MAGMA3C is an IT infrastructure and business transformation company operating since 2010 in Pakistan. We have been catering to prestigious clients in Public & Private Sector, financial sector, Universities and various bodies and we are very much focus on the emerging IT requirements in SME’ sector in Pakistan.

Our Head office is currently based in Lahore, but we also have operational presence in Islamabad and Karachi and working with various international clients (United States of America, Gulf Cooperation Council and European Union)

Our Mission

To become the first-choice technology Transformation Company and a trusted brand that delivers state of art services in Pakistan and Globally

Our Team

Our team is comprised of professionals in IT, HRM, Financials and Marketing having decades of combined experience and know-how in relevant fields. The team offers first-hand experience of the best practices in the industry and proficiently molds it according to our customer’s needs. We are skilled minds aspiring to improve every single day


thinking outside the box can only be achieved when there is no bar on imagination. We want to enable people to bring their conceptual ideas to life.


saying and delivering the same. Reliability, trust and honesty go hand in hand and we want to inculcate a culture of openness and transparency.

Customer Satisfaction:

we want to redefine the paradigm of customer service and intelligently cater to our clients needs. For us, the customer is number one.

Mutual Growth:

unless the individual thrives, neither can the group. We desire a partnership with our people and our clients where we can collaborate and grow towards common goals.